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WK , a leading expert in just about everything... he is currently the one who puts this page together. As a practicing consultant and Photographer, Wes brings a practitioner's perspective and objectivity to's hold and view on the world. "I wish I did not have to sleep, I could get so much more done."

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From the Current Winner's Trophy Holder...

Well I told you I wanted it before the race.  It is about time...It sure is going to feel good placing my name on this thing.   Like always “Some Where someone from the DRC is training when you are not, and when you race him you will loose”, and this trophy will still belong to Me! :)

- Ed L.., Your Current Holder of the Winner's Trophy (Yellow Jersey if you will)

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Welcome to the DRC Hall of Shame. This will become a collection of photos that we may not always be proud of. We will see how this goes and if not well, we will remove this from our site.

Enjoy it while you can...

Click on the thumbnails for the larger version:
Can I blow out your candle? What?  Like my eyes? Nice Legs Put that camera away! Like my trophy? Smile