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From the Current Winner's Trophy Holder...

Well I told you I wanted it before the race.  It is about time...It sure is going to feel good placing my name on this thing.   Like always “Some Where someone from the DRC is training when you are not, and when you race him you will loose”, and this trophy will still belong to Me! :)

- Ed L.., Your Current Holder of the Winner's Trophy (Yellow Jersey if you will)

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Brea 8K

The 16th Annual Firecracker Race - July 4, 2005

The DRC is looking forward to this run once again…  

As in the past years, we will be running as a group in matching shorts, shirts and hats.

This was once a serious run / race for us, but over the years we have turned this into a fun run. Expecially after winning MudRun this year. We are currently looking for new hats for this year's race. We saw what we are looking for at the MudRun - see photos. We should be good to go by the time the race comes around. Looking for a fun fast time. Start as a group, finish as a group, look goofy, but kick some Ass…

See you there...

"We run to drink, and drink to run, or something like that."