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WK , a leading expert in just about everything... he is currently the one who puts this page together. As a practicing consultant and Photographer, Wes brings a practitioner's perspective and objectivity to's hold and view on the world. "I wish I did not have to sleep, I could get so much more done."

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From the Current Winner's Trophy Holder...

Well I told you I wanted it before the race.  It is about time...It sure is going to feel good placing my name on this thing.   Like always “Some Where someone from the DRC is training when you are not, and when you race him you will loose”, and this trophy will still belong to Me! :)

- Ed L.., Your Current Holder of the Winner's Trophy (Yellow Jersey if you will)

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Team DRC Now On Twitter


Well the DRC is trying to keep up with the ever changing world, and has joined the social networking crowd. We (Team DRC) is now on Twitter. Follow the DRC's every move on Twitter. You can click to link to our Twitter page.

follow us on Twitter All of the team is on Twitter also, well all but our DD, and we feel that is just a matter of time before that happens. You can follow the Team, or an individual team member, it's all there.

There has been some Tweets in regards to our upcoming Camp Pendleton Mud Run and training etc. Expect to see a few from the race on June 6th, maybe even a photo or two.

2007 Pacific Shoreline 1/2 Marathon


Well the PS 1/2 marathon is now behind us.  We were too busy training for this thing to post any updates, so all you get is a post run / race update.  As always we arrived 2+ hours early so we can get a prime spot in the beach parking lot.  All the packets, shirts, chips and numbers will picked up Friday, so we just sat in our vehicle and joked for the next 2 hours.  The word was all events had been sold out and there was going to be over 12,000 people running here today, and we thought there was long lines for the bathrooms last yr…note to self – don´t lay towel down over wet sand on beach during this day.

You DRC, Me too, SameTingIt was a beautiful day anticipating temps in low 80’s so the short sleeves were in order.  Race started on time in a wave format.  We were the third wave to go off, we lined up in the 8:30 min mile pace crowd.  The only problem with these large races is the bathroom availability and having to go so often.  Never fails you are in line for the race and you just have to go…Well Dave and Wes had to hit the first porta-potty, Dave had no wait, but Wes was not so lucky.  In and out of there as fast as you can, and off running again.  Needless to say the others really do not wait for you, but Todd hung back a little to help Wes regroup with the others.  At mile 2 we were all back together, but Wes’ push to get back in the group may have a payment at mile 10.  We all hit mile 5 at a nice even 38:00 flat, nice pace.  Some where around mile 7+ the boys split up with Todd pulling away Dave on his heals, then Ed (yes “No Train, No Pain”, Ed), then Rich, and Wes was falling off the train, starting to feel the cramps in the calves.

Fast forward to finish — Todd comes in just under 1:36, then Dave, and Rich catches Ed at mile 12 and they come in together, the come Cramp Master Flash about 5+ min later hobbling along, and getting passed by 2 men in blue suits / tights, but we are not to tell anyone about that.

Back to the Burb for a quick presto changed and over to the BEER Garden…  This year it seems they learned their lesson and brought enough beer for those beer drinking runners.  Nice 16oz spun aluminum can/bottles full of Michelob Ultra.  We had our fair share, and shared with some of the nice people we met.  Congrats to Faith for her 1st place win in her division, 11 over all women and this was for the marathon… Fun in D BeerGarden

Sad news and good news: Good news this thing is over and the two riders in this group — Todd and Wes can get back to what they really like and start training for the Solvang Century.  Bad News — Todd’s chip never was registered so no record or time for his run.  That sucks…but same thing happen to Dave K back in 2002.

In ending we would like to say thanks to our Designated Driver who gets up early in the AM to hang with us and get us home — thanks Dave, enjoy the metal, the least we can do.  We have also named this Ed’s ROY (Run of the Year) from sucking on the training runs to kicking some but on this run — congratulations Ed.  A little fun from the day, photos (not too many, but hope to get up soon), and results.

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