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WK , a leading expert in just about everything... he is currently the one who puts this page together. As a practicing consultant and Photographer, Wes brings a practitioner's perspective and objectivity to's hold and view on the world. "I wish I did not have to sleep, I could get so much more done."

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From the Current Winner's Trophy Holder...

Well I told you I wanted it before the race.  It is about time...It sure is going to feel good placing my name on this thing.   Like always “Some Where someone from the DRC is training when you are not, and when you race him you will loose”, and this trophy will still belong to Me! :)

- Ed L.., Your Current Holder of the Winner's Trophy (Yellow Jersey if you will)

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This site provides information as a service to all runners, and extream sports enthusiasts, and the public in good faith. and compiles information from many sources and enven makes up a few things.   On top of that we do not verify the accuracy of the sourced information.  THE DRC does not provide any warranties whatsoever, nor does it assume any legal liability or responsibility for the accuracy, completeness or usefulness of any of the information supplied herein.  THE DRC wants you to know that being an extream sport enthusiast can be dangerous, and will not be held responsible for any injurys incured trying to do what we do so well.  The DRC also does not promote or suggest trying any activities we so enjoy, what ever they may be.  We are also not in any way responsible, and have no legal liability, in respect of the URLs, titles and/or contents of any other site referenced from this site.

We are not professionals, nor do we pretend to be.  We are just a group of has-been washed up runners and riders who love beer and competition.  All of our comments and suggestions must be evaluated on their own merits by our readers and visitors.

A serious note: 
I know this is not like the Drunk Runner's Club to be serious, but when it comes to the consumption of Alcohol we must be serious.  It has been thought that the Drunk Runner's Club was made up of drunks, promoting drunkenness, and irresponsibility.  This could not be ferther from the truth.  The Drunk Runner's Club (DRC) is a social, running group formed by five high school friends.  The Drunk Runner's Club does not poke fun at the state of drunkenness nor does it condone drinking in any way.   Their name was chosen because it happens to be catchy.

The DRC understands that drinking can be a serious issue for some, but it can also be an enjoyable experience when done responsibly.  The choice to abstain from alcohol is respected, as is responsible social drinking by individuals of legal drinking age.

Responsibility is integral to our values and us. We are committed to being an active partner with organizations in helping to solve the problems of irresponsible consumption of alcohol.  We also strive to be active, positive citizens in the communities in which we live and work, engaged in activities that make a real difference in people's lives.  No just running.  Most of us are volunteers in our communities.

Drinking is a responsibility, once you've reached the legal drinking age, it's your choice.  As for adults, we want those who choose to drink to do so responsibly, and for some adults, "responsibly" means not drinking at all.  We understand that, and we actually have some in the DRC who do not drink at all.

We ask that you do your part by making legal and responsible decisions about drinking.  By doing so, you set a good example for your friends and your community.  Second, if you are the parent of teenagers, as I am, I ask that you take the time to talk with your kids about this serious issue.  It can be as simple as telling them how important they are to you and how devastated you'd be if they were hurt in any way.  This step has been found to help teenagers make better decisions.  Don't put it off. Do it today.

Thanks for visiting our site.  You'll find that the DRC doesn't just talk about responsibility.  We've made responsibility an important part of what we do, every day.

The Drunk Runner's Club.

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