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From the Current Winner's Trophy Holder...

Well I told you I wanted it before the race.  It is about time...It sure is going to feel good placing my name on this thing.   Like always “Some Where someone from the DRC is training when you are not, and when you race him you will loose”, and this trophy will still belong to Me! :)

- Ed L.., Your Current Holder of the Winner's Trophy (Yellow Jersey if you will)

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The Drunk Runners' Club was founded in the summer of 1997 with the vision of four has-been, washed up-runners.

While drinking one day, they started looking at each other, and thought "We don't look so good. We love to drink, but what can we do to stay in shape?" As they continued to drink and talk one of them came up with the idea of registering to run in a local 5K. They all ran in high school and they all had run 8Ks before. This should be no problem, 5K, that is only 3.2 miles, we can do that. Heck we could do that drunk… Thus, The Drunk Runners' Club was born…

In the beginning it started out with one 5K a year. We would train for about one month prior to the race. Some would only train for a week or two. Race day would come. We would run the race, have our after race party, (which is the reason we ran in the first place) and talk about how we could have done better.

It has been Eight (8) years now and The Drunk Runners' Club has grown in size from four to five and on some of the runs there are a few of what we call Designated Runners that join in for the occasion. We have increased the number of races we do now to about Eight including the big daddy of them all...The Mud Run, which has become our main event for the year. Some of us have even started a year-round training program, running five to six times a week, getting up to 25 +/- miles per week. We will not mention any names.

Last year was a little slow / weak for the DRC, we were able to take part in most of the runs, well most of us did. We perticipaded in the Mud Run - Took 6th (Open Team) and we continued to run for the most part, but there was just not feeling of that DRC love through out the year....Something was missing....So for 2005 we are making a new commitmit to the DRC, and our moto for this year is "Keep It Alive in 2005" It seems to be working. We have started off to a good year, with everyone off and running in the Pacific Shorline Half Marathon, other runs scheduled, bicycle rides and races scheduled, maybe even a Triathlon for some, and for toppers....This New DRC Website...